Tugba's Sourdoughs History

This process, which I started years ago since I wanted my daughter Defne to eat healthy bread, has dragged me to a very different dimension, into a new love.

So, Why Is Sourdough Bread Healthy?

It does not contain industrial yeast and has a unique smell and taste.
It keeps fresh longer. It is much more delicious, easy to digest, and facilitates defecation.
Sourdough bread has a low glycemic index, so we consume small amounts and stay full.
Sourdough is a natural yeast obtained by the formation of fungi following the continuous observation for an average of 14 days in a natural environment, where the right temperature and environment are provided, by mixing flour and water.


Peki Eksi Mayali Ekmek Neden Faydalidir?

Endustriyel maya icermez,kendine has kokusu ve tadi bulunmaktadir.
Gec bayatlar.Cok daha lezzetlidir,sindirimi kolaydir ve diskilamayi kolaylastirir.
Eksi mayali ekmekler glisemik indeksi acisindan dusuktur ve bu sebeple az tuketip tok kaliriz.
Eksi maya,un ve su ile elde edilen,dogru isi ve ortamin saglandigi dogal bir ortamda,bu sure boyunca devamli gozlemledigimiz ortalama 14 gunluk bir surec sonunda,mantarlarin olusmasiyla gerceklesen dogal bir mayadir.


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